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Provo Facility   Spanish Fork Facility
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Provo, Utah
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1100 East Expressway Lane
Spanish Fork, Utah
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Summer Hours
Monday thru Saturday 7:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday thru Saturday 7:00 am to 6:00 pm
Compost Delivery:                                                                          We now contract out grinding service.
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Yard Mulch
$9.00 per foot

This product helps soil retain moisture and to use less water.  It also helps reduce the spreading of weeds in your application.
Green Cycle Compost
$20.00 per yard

Has many uses.  Apply around the base of trees, shrubs, along pathways or in planter boxes.  This will help soil retain moisture by reducing the rate of water evaporation through the air.
Black Gold Compost
$25.00 per  yard

Our best compost.  Made up of bio-solids, leaves, Christmas trees, grass, tree limbs, flowers and clean lumber.  This can be used around bases of trees, pathways, planters and gardens.  This product has been treated and held off temperatures of 140-160 degrees Fahrenheit.  This helps in killing weed seed, pathogens and any other organisms.  With doing this, it gives you a material rich in color and can be used in many outdoor applications to enhance the soil appearance and improve soil quality.
Clean wood (CWG)
$15.00 per  yard

Use to mix into your garden or around trees and shrubs.  This product helps to retain water in the soil.
SUVSWD has two compost facility locations for your convenience: