Fees effective July 1st 2017.

*All loads MUST be covered or a $4.00 fee will be applied per 8 foot unit. (tarp, tie downs)

In District Rates will apply to any citizen and/or business from the following cities: Provo, Spanish Fork, Springville, Mapleton, Salem, Goshen and Woodland Hills.

Out of District Rates will apply to any citizen and or business living outbound the cites mentioned above.

If you have any questions about an item you want to dispose of and is not listed below, give us a call at: 801-489-3027 ext. 0

In District Rates Out of District Rates
Recycling from residential $5.00/ea $10.00/ea
Recycling from businesses $36.00/ton $45.00/ton
Residential standard pick-up truck or standard  trailer (loads 8 foot x 6 foot x 4 foot high) $8.00/ea $12.00/ea
Residential standard pick-up truck or standard trailer (loads larger then  8 foot x 6 foot x 4 foot is by weight) $36.00/ton $45.00/ton
Residential oversize truck load, single or double axle trailer or larger truck or flat beds $36.00/ton $45.00/ton
Commercial loads (All vehicles with business logo) $36.00/ton $45.00/ton
Uncovered loads (All loads not secured) $4.00/ea $4.00/ea
Computer monitors $3.00/ea $3.00/ea
27″ and smaller TV’s $8.00/ea $8.00/ea
28″ and larger TV’s $12.00/ea $12.00/ea
Standard car/pick-up tires without rim $2.00/ea $2.00/ea
Standard car/pick-up tires with rim $5.00/ea $5.00/ea
Construction & Demolition (Dirt, shingles, tile, carpet, rail road ties, etc.) $36.00/ton $45.00/ton
Green waste residential standard pick-up truck or trailer  (Loads 8 foot x 6 foot x 4 foot high) All others standard weight fee’s apply   $8.00/unit $12.00/unit
Mixed Waste (Construction & Demolition or yard waste mixed with regular garbage) $36.00/ton $45.00/ton
Freon removal (Refrigerator, Freezer or AC) $10.00/ea. $10.00/ea.



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