Special Hauls

SUVSWD provides special hauls for commercial customers.  This service is to accommodate the businesses in the valley that require more dumpster space than is available on site.  In utilizing special hauls it eliminates dumpster overflow, decreases warehouse overstock, and assures the product being disposed will be taken directly to the landfill.  This eliminates any access of the product to unauthorized persons.  It also helps in decreasing the amount of waste being put on our tipping floor and gives us more floor space for our customers. For those customers needing verification of disposal, SUVSWD provides a Certificate of Destruction upon request. This will assure each customer a verified document stating the product was disposed of properly. If interested in scheduling a special haul, please contact Marc Loveless at 801-489-3027 ext. 13 or e-mail at mloveless@suvswd.org


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